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日本・パラオ国交20周年|Japan-Palau 20th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations


November 2nd, 2014 sets the 20th anniversary of the official Japan-Palau diplomatic relations. Palau would like to extend its gratitude to the Japanese government and the people of Japan for their support and warm friendship over the past years.


北東ロータリークラブ創立30周年記念式典への出席|Attendance at the 30th Anniversary of Hokuto Rotary Club

30th Anniversary Hokuto Rotary Club

2014年4月12日にフランシス・マリウル・マツタロウ大使は、埼玉県川口市の川口北東ロータリークラブ創立30周年記念式典・祝賀会に出席するジョナサン・イセエルパラオ共和国議会下院議員、ドナルド・ハルオ パラオ共和国大統領顧問に同行した。川口北東ロータリークラブの尽力により、パラオ共和国ペリリュー州への2台のゴミ収集車の寄付が実現した。同クラブの役員、幹部そしてメンバーの方々に、ペリリュー集の人々を代表して同州出身のイエセル下院議員から謝意が述べられた。

上の写真は左より、若尾小百合氏(理事長秘書)ドナルド・ハルオ氏(大統領特別顧問・日本外交担当)、フランシス・マツタロウ大使、國分元基氏(会長)、ジョナサン・イセエル氏(ペリリュー州下院議員)、矢崎清太郎氏(30周年実行委員長)、梅沢重雄氏 (日本航空学園理事長)

On April 12, 2014 Ambassador Francis M. Matsutaro accompanied Delegate Jonathan Isechal, Member of the House of Delegates of the Palau National Congress, and Mr. Donald Haruo, Adviser to the President of the Republic of Palau, to the 30th Anniversary of Hokuto Rotary Club in Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture. Hokuto Rotary Club was instrumental in securing donation of two garbage trucks to Peleliu State, Republic of Palau. It was an opportunity for Delegate Isechal, who is from Peleliu, to relay a massage of appreciation to the officers and members of the club on behalf of the people of Peleliu State.

From left: Ms. Sayuri Wakao (Secretary), Mr. Donald Haruo (President’s Special Economic Adviser), Ambassador Matsutaro, Mr. Kokubu Motoki (Club Chairman), Mr. Jonathan Isechal (Peleliu Delegate), Mr. Yazaki Seitaro (Club Executive Committee Chairman), and Mr. Shigeo Umezawa (Chancellor of Japan Aviation Academy)

パラオ共和国独立記念日|Independence Day, Republic of Palau

70 Islands Palau

On October 1st, 1994 at 1:01pm, Palau declared its independence and became the Republic of Palau. Today, the Republic of Palau achieves its 20th anniversary. On this occasion, we would like to thank all sincere supporters of Palau and we hope to foster an everlasting bond between Japan and Palau.


宮城県涌谷町訪問|Visit to Wakuya Town, Miyagi Prefecture

Visit to Wakuya Town


Visit to Wakuya Town


H.E. Francis M. Matsutaro visited Wakuya Town on April 25th and 26th 2014. Wakuya Town in Miyagi Prefecture is the hometown of Mr. Doomoto Teiichi, a Japan government official who was in Palau during the Japanese rule of Palau. The daughter of late Doomoto Teiichi, Mrs. Nishi Noriko went to Wakuya Town with the Ambassador. They met with Honorable Mr. Abe Shuji who also attended the event to pay respects to the late Mr. Doomoto Teiichi at his graveyard in Ryuenji and planted a Sakura tree to commemorate Ambassador Matsutaro`s visit.

宮城県蔵王町訪問|Visit to Zao Town, Miyagi Prefecture

フランシス・マリウル・マツタロウ大使は、2014年4月26日から28日に宮城県蔵王町を訪問した。蔵王町に北原尾という村があります。 北原尾(きたはらお)という名前は、パラオ”が名前の由来であり、第二次世界大戦後にパラオに住んでいた日本人達の一部が、移り住んだところである。

H.E. Francis M. Matsutaro visited Zao Town, Miyagi Prefecture on April 26th to 28th, 2014. Zao Town is where Kitaharao village is located. Kitaharao is named after Palau and is where some Japanese who lived in Palau before WWII resettled.

マリンダイビングフェアへの出席|Attendance at the Marine Diving Fair

Marine Diving Fair 2014 Marine Diving Fair 2014


H.E. Francis M. Matsutaro attended Marine Diving Fair in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro in Tokyo from April 4-6, 2014. This year Palau once again won the First place award for Best Diving Area. Ambassador Matsutaro attended the event with the Managing Director of Palau Visitors Authority, Mrs. Nanae Singeo and Tour Operators from Palau.

山口県下関市訪問|Visit to Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Visit to Shimonoseki


H.E. Francis M. Matsutaro made a Courtesy visit to the office of Honorable Mr. Tomoaki Nakao, Mayor of Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture on May 15-16, 2014. They discussed the possibility of bringing a Dugong from Palau to the Marine Science Museum Shimonoseki City. He also paid a courtesy visit to the Chairperson of Shimonoseki Assembly, Mr. Hiroshi Sekitani and other officials. H.E. Francis M. Matsutaro expressed his desire to cooperate with Shimonoseki City in this project during his tenure as the Ambassador of Palau to Japan. The project was proposed by Tiger Mask (Mr. Sayama) who is a Goodwill Representative for Shimonoseki City.


パラオ共和国大使館ニュース | News


The Embassy of the Republic of Palau in Tokyo, Japan has renewed its website. Here, information about Palau as well as the embassy will be posted. Along with the news section of the website, we will be posting some information through social medias such as Facebook.