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新国務大臣就任|Faustina K. Rehuher-Marugg Swears in as Minister of State



On June 13th, Mrs. Faustina K. Rehuher-Marugg took her oath of office as the Minister of State. Minister Marugg replaces Former Minister of State Mr. Billy G. Kuartei. Minister Marugg is a Former Minister of Community and Cultural Affairs during Former President Toribiong’s Administration, and put her efforts into registering the Rock Islands Southern Lagoon as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For more information and press release issued by the Republic of Palau National Government, please view the following link:




Serial No. PR-17-038




ファウスティナ・K. レウール・マルーグ、国務大臣に就任

6月13日(火)、ファウスティナ・K.レウール・マルーグが国務大臣に就任、宣誓が行われました。トミー・E. レメンゲサウJr. 大統領内閣への最新メンバーです。




マツタロウ大使、地域自治体との交流セミナーに出席 | Ambassador Matsutaro Attends Regional Promotion Seminar

6月5日(月)、外務省及び群馬県、三重県伊勢志摩地域(伊勢市・志摩市・鳥羽市・南伊勢市)、神奈川県横浜市、そして新潟県燕三条地域が合同で「平成29年度第1回 地域の魅力発信セミナー」を開催しました。パラオ大使館より、マツタロウ大使が出席しました。


The 1st Regional Promotion Seminar of the Japanese fiscal year 2017 organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with local governments; Gunma Prefecture, Ise-shima area in Mie Prefecture (Ise City, Shima City, Toba City, Minami Ise City), Yokohama City of Kanagawa Prefecture and Tsubame-sanjo area in Niigata Prefecture was held on Monday, June 5th.

Ambassador Francis Matsutaro participated in the seminar and each local government made presentations to promote their local specialties. This seminar brought opportunities between the diplomatic corps in Japan and local governments to build on friendly relations and helped enhance economic relations. Palau has sister-state relations with Mie Prefectural Government.



6月22日(木)18:30~20:00港区立エコプラザ開催、大使館に聞く世界のエコシリーズVol.7 ~世界遺産パラオ 小さな国のユニークな観光開発と自然環境保護~が只今予約受付中です!先着順となりますので、参加ご希望の方はお早めにご予約をすることをお勧めいたします。


第二回パシフィック・デー | 2nd Annual Pacific Day

今月22日、横浜インターナショナルテニスコニュニティー(YITC)と太平洋諸国共同でPacific Day 2017を開催いたしました!

On April 22, the 2nd Annual Pacific Day was held at Yokohama International Tennis Community (YITC), co-hosted by the Embassies of the Pacific Island Countries in Japan. Originally starting as Palau Day in 2015, this was the second year where the Pacific Island Embassies and their guests gathered with members of YITC to enjoy a day of tennis and local dishes of the Pacific. Approximately 150 guests participated. Thank you very much for joining us and we hope to see you next year as well.

蔵王町・常陸大宮市とパラオ、東京2020オリンピック・パラリンピック事前キャンプに向け基本合意締結|Signing Ceremony for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics & Paralympics Training Camp Host Town Between Zao Town, Hitachi Omiya City and Palau

東京 2020 オリンピック・パラリンピック競技大会において、宮城県蔵王町と茨城県常陸大宮市がホストタウンとなり、


On April 21st, the Signing Ceremony for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics & Paralympics Training Camp Host Town between Zao Town, Hitachi Omiya City and Palau was held in Tokyo, and Mayor Hideto Murakami of Zao Town, Mayor Shinichiro Mitsugi of Hitachi Omiya City, and President Frank Kyota of the Palau National Olympic Committee signed the Memorandum of Understanding.

Zao Town and Hitachi Omiya City agreed to host Palau’s National Olympic team for training prior to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. Zao Town has historical ties with Palau where Japanese nationals who lived in Palau during the Japanese administration moved to a region called Kitaharao in Zao Town after the war.

天皇皇后両陛下のパラオ御訪問二周年記念|Second Anniversary of Their Majesties, Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko’s Historical Visit to the Republic of Palau and the State of Peleliu


Their Majesties, Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko visited Palau on April 8 – 9, 2015 to mourn and pay tribute to those who perished during the war, and to further develop the friendly relations between Japan and Palau. As April 9th marked the 2nd anniversary since Their Majesties visit to Peleliu, Peleliu State Government held a ceremony celebrating and commemorating the Second Anniversary of Their Majesties, Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko’s historical visit to the Republic of Palau and the State of Peleliu. April 9th is a State holiday in Peleliu commemorating Their Majesties visit.










土方久功展:南の島の光と風と夢|Gallery Collection Exhibition [Light, Wind and Dreams of Nanyou Islands: Hijikata Hisakatsu Exhibition]



The Gallery Collection Exhibition [Light, Wind and Dreams of Nanyou Islands: Hijikata Hisakatsu Exhibition] will be held at Gallery Minami Factory (2-22-2 Nishikojiya, Ota-ku, Tokyo) from March 26, 2017 to April 9, 2017. Mr. Hisakatsu Hijikata was a Japanese national who moved to Palau during the Japanese administration era as an art teacher and spread the wonders of Palau’s now well-known cultural artifact, storyboard or “itabori.” This exhibition exhibits numerous pieces of Mr. Hijikata’s works that he has created over his lifetime. The Embassy of the Republic of Palau in Japan provides nominal support to this exhibition. Please do not miss this great opportunity and visit the gallery!

For more details, please view the brochure or Gallery Minami Factory’s website.


元駐日大使ダイジロウ・ナカムラ氏|Former Ambassador Mr. Daiziro Nakamura







Former Ambassador of Palau to Japan, Mr. Daiziro Nakamura, passed away peacefully in Koror, Republic of Palau on March 6, 2017 at the age of 81 (Born May 27, 1935). Mr. Daiziro Nakamura was on active duty in Public Services as Officer of the Palau District Political Office from 1969-1971, Director of the Trust Territory Wide Program on “Education for Self-Government” as well as Chief of Legislative/Civic Affairs from 1971-1982, Director of Bureau of Domestic Affairs (Ministry of State, Republic of Palau) from 1982-1988, Senator of the 3rd, 4th and 5th Olbiil Era Kelulau (Palau National Congress) from 1989-2000, Chairman of the Palau Financial Institutions Commission, Chairman of the Anti-Money Laundering Task Force and Member of the Koror State Public Lands Authority from 2003-2005, and Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Palau to Japan from 2006-2009.

Rest in peace Ambassador Nakamura.

A Book of Condolences will be opened at the Embassy Chancery (1-1-201 Katamachi, Shinjuku, Tokyo) to the general public tomorrow, March 17, 2017 from 10AM-12PM and from 2PM-4PM. Please kindly call and inform us of your visit beforehand if you wish to sign the book of condolences.

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