Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) INFORMATION

As of October 30, 2020 9:00AM

Status in Palau

  • Confirmed Cases : 0
  • Suspected Cases : 0
  • Suspension of Government Employee Travel.
  • Continue to strengthen quarantine measures within Palau and maintain readiness to respond if COVID-19 cases are identified.
  • Essential air services to and from Palau shall be re-established beginning no later than September 1, 2020.

Immigration Restrictions

  • All travelers with travel history originating from or transiting through mainland China, Hong Kong or Macau within 14 days of their arrival in the Republic of Palau are prohibited entry. (Exemption may be made to this prohibition for Palauan citizens and residents, provided that such persons submit to a comprehensive health screening and 14-day quarantine upon arrival in Palau.)
  • Submission of a Health Declaration Form upon arrival to Palau is required.
  • Any person arriving must submit to all testing and quarantine procedures as determined by the Minister of Health.
  • No cruise ship shall be allowed to enter unless the captain submits satisfactory proof that the vessel has not called in mainland China, Hong Kong, or Macau, that none of its passengers originated from or transited through those destinations within 14 days of boarding the vessel, and that every passenger is free from COVID-19.

Scheduled Commercial Flights – Flight Status

United Airlines (Palau-Guam): Suspended until further notice

United Airlines (Palau-Manila): Suspended until further notice

Korean Airlines (Palau-Incheon): Suspended until further notice

Asiana Airlines (Palau-Incheon): Suspended until further notice

China Airlines (Palau-Taipei): Suspended until further notice

Caroline Islands Air (Palau-Yap): Suspended until further notice

Cargo Flights – Flight Status

Asia Pacific Airlines (Palau-Guam): Operating every Thursday

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